Germs Germs Everywhere!

Which do you think has the most germs – a dog bowl, your fingers, or your kitchen sponge?

What do you think … if you were to take a look at three common items used every day – your dog’s water bowl, your finger tips, or your kitchen sponge. Which do you think would contain the most germs? Recently I collected a sample from each of these items and grew them in a Petri dish with nutrient agar (bacterial food) to reveal the bacteria involved. I allowed them to grow at room temperature for 2 days. The result? See the picture above. The kitchen sponge had by far the greatest about of bacterial growth – yikes!

Chances are that your sponge would be similar to my own.

Tip: Place your sponge in the microwave and “cook” on high for 30 seconds kill the bacteria. If this is done each evening you will maintain a germ-free sponge!

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