Special Senses - Our Superpowers


Included in this BioBox

Lab Notebook

Tuning fork

Ear Plugs

T pins

Glass beaker

Thermometer (for scientific use only)

Wool felt sleeve

Sugar packet

Salt packet

Sterile cotton applicators

Muliti-flavored candies


The experiments in this box are quite easy to follow. Here a few helpful tips:

Experiment 2: Try these activities outside. Stay near the spinning person to be sure they do not fall over!

Experiment 3: Keep the pins at a slight angle rather than pressing straight down. Press GENTLY.

Experiment 5: Hot tap water should be hot enough to reach 45 degrees Celsius. If the water is too hot, it takes a long time to cool. It is important that each repetition begins with the same temperature.

Experiment 6: It might be helpful to add extra packets to the solutions so that they have stonier flavor. Try this experiment with people of various ages!

Experiment 7: Also try this one with people of various ages. Our taste decreases as we age and so you may be able to trick a parent with a flavor when their nose is plugged!

Watch the video for some great tips for your BioBox!

When someone calls your name, can you recognize their voice? Is it your mom, dad, best friend? Can you tell from where their voice is coming? If you were to reach into a bag, would you be able to distinguish a rubber ball from a ping pong ball? How are each of these possible? Did you know that your body is equipped with superpowers? These superpowers are seen in your ability to hear, touch, taste and smell! In this BioBox, you will get to examine each of these - more commonly known as your special senses.

There are 7 fun experiments inside this BioBox, each marked with the approximate time to complete. Feel free to do the experiments in any order. You decide - you are the scientist!

Questions and Observations for this BioBox:

1. How do ears help find the location of a sound?

2. Ears detect sound and …..?

3. How does the skin give us superpowers?

4. Are all taste buds the same?

5. What other superpower helps with taste?


Dogs have a great sense of touch too!

That’s why they love to be pet.


 Let the Epic Experiments begin! 

What an adventure – we are so glad you have joined us! Please let us know about your experiments: send pictures, give tips for other BioBoxers, share favorite results. Find us on Facebook and Instagram. #bioboxlabs

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