Ecosystems - Teamwork in Action!

Ecosystem – sounds like a complicated word for something we encounter every day.  An ecosystem is a community that includes living things and their interactions with their environment.  An example would be a fishbowl, with fish interacting with water, temperature, aquatic plants and maybe even a water snail.  In this BioBox, you’ll get to be an ecologist, a scientist who studies ecosystems! 

fishbowl, bpxabay.png

A fishbowl is a tiny ecosystem!

In this BioBox you will get to take a close look at some ecosystems that surround you. You will explore all the components of an ecosystem while learning to use some tools used by professional ecologists, like a Berlese-Tullgren funnel! With these tools, many hidden organisms can be discovered! You will even get to create your own tiny ecosystem inside a balloon!

Be sure to check out the video below to get helpful details!

ecologists in the rocky mountain wetlands.jpg

Ecologists in a wetland ecosystem

Let the epic experiments begin!

 What an adventure – we are so glad you have joined us! Please let us know about your experiments; send pictures, give tips for other BioBoxers, share your favorite results to or #bioboxlabs


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