School Pricing

Are you part of a school organization that requires subscription pre-payment? Do you order through Purchase Orders or use Class Wallet payments? We have these special products and pricing exclusively for you. See order information below.

Kids holiding an heart

3-Month Prepay

$171 ($56.95/box)

Kids and guardian with microscope

6-Month Prepay

$324 ($53.95/box)

Kids and guardian doing experiment

9-Month Prepay

$468 ($51.95/box)

kids with science subscription box

12-Month Prepay

$599 ($49.95/box)

How it works:

Simply send a Purchase Order or email to including the following information:
  • Student name and shipping address
  • Family email address for important box details
  • Parent phone number
  • Subscription length
  • New or renewal order (Renewals will not receive the microscope box again)
  • Amount for the total subscription length.  (Shipping costs ($8.95/box) and processing fee ($20/order) will be added to the invoice.
Let us know if you have any questions.  We’d love to help launch an incredible scientific experience for your students!

Let the adventures begin!

Will you be joining individually or using school funding?