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Science kits for kids.

Dive into the world of life science without leaving your home! BioBox Labs is a subscription service where, every month, you’ll discover a meticulously curated science kit developed by a real biology professor, delivered straight to your doorstep.   


Learn Science with BioBox Labs

Developed by a biology professor and a parent. Our science kits will stimulate imagination, learning, and discovery.


Right for Any Student

Every Biobox comes packed with labs, making science fun and educational. A fit for students in school or homeschooled.

Follow the Lab Guide

Notebooks representing the variety of the living world. From the cells to the brain, enzymes to plant behavior, fungi to field biology.

Subscription Makes it Easy

We take the guess work out of teaching biology and science. With Biobox Labs, everything you need is in the box!

Watch Them Learn

Truth: there's a huge gap in the success rate of those who have just read about science and those who have “done” science.

Everything You Need

Real lab tools – microscope (all metal components and quality lenses), living organisms, dissections, and more.

No Other Kit Like This

BioBox Labs is the only biology-focused subscription science kit on the market. All other kits focus on chemistry and physics/engineering.

Create WOW Moments

We believe that science should create wow moments that stimulate imagination and discovery, infusing a real enthusiasm for learning. Our mission is to turn yawns into yays one box at a time! Example boxes below pack with experiments and labs. 

Plant Antics

Icky Investigations

What's in the Science Lab Box?

BioBoxes contain all the materials required for a complete scientific learning experience. No need to rush to the store. A microscope, slides, pipettes, petri dishes, beakers, organic material, gloves, goggles…all authentic laboratory supplies. Plus a detailed laboratory notebook with step by step instructions and room to record results, and a corresponding video introduction to each theme.
Scroll below to see some examples of BioBox themes.

BioBoxers Testimonials

We offer more than a chance to LEARN science; we DO science together.

BioBox Subscription Process


Signing up takes just a few clicks. Keep an eye out for your welcome email with a video full of tips for your first BioBox.


Each month your BioBoxes are packed with care and a shipping confirmation, with tracking, is sent your way. At the end of the month, your science experiment kit will head to your door!


Open up and let the adventure begin! Your first BioBox includes your own microscope! This amazing tool can be used with all other BioBoxes.


Your scientific discoveries will develop a real enthusiasm for learning!

Questions? We've got answers.

All supplies for the experiments are included in your box. No need to rush to the store!

We typically include extra supplies to repeat some of the experiments a few times. Most of the tools are reusable – like the real microscope! If your kids would prefer to work independently, then individual boxes are suggested.

BioBox Labs experiments are engaging for students (and even adults!) – ages 6 and up. They are designed for most students to complete independently. Younger students will benefit from working with an adult or sibling.
At this time we don’t have this option. We provide the upcoming box themes so you can plan ahead and get excited.
Each of the 3-5 experiments takes 15 minutes to an hour to complete. The lab notebook shows the estimated times. Sometimes extra time is needed for things like plant seed growth.
Yes! Many BioBoxers are homeschoolers. Check out the homeschool tab to find out how to subscribe if you require prepayment in full.

Yes, you can read about organisms, look at a model, or see living animals at a zoo …but to really know more about them you need to hold them in your hand and take a peek inside. You get to observe starfish tube feet, see the air bladder of a fish, see a real heart valve, etc. There’s a better understanding and increased appreciation for life when you get the chance to see them up close; however, we respect your values and are working on ways to substitute optional models for dissection upon request.

All new subscriptions start with The Microscopic World box which includes your very own microscope to be used with all following BioBoxes.

You may pause or cancel any time up until your box has shipped each month by going through your online account.
Yes! We have had many customers with learning differences and they find that these hands-on experiences are extremely effective for their learning.