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Fun Monthly Experiments For Your Child

(Ages 8+)

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BioBox Labs is a fun, monthly subscription box filled with everything needed to spark your child’s love of life science.  Each month, your BioBox comes complete with easy to follow directions for 4-5 exciting experiments, real experimental tools and supplies, a lab notebook, and a link to videos that add extra detail and a touch of humor to the mix.  No planning required.  Order today and see your child’s love of science come alive! 

Our purpose is to unlock the mystery of science for the next generation through innovative, hands-on subscription boxes filled with exciting, authentic Life Science experiments.

Inside Every Box


Real Tools

Authentic lab supplies, rather than toys, for 4-5 exciting experiments centered around the theme of the month.


Cool Notebook

Colorful and clear instructions for each experiment - including interesting background information and extra tips and tricks.



Each box has a link to a corresponding video with extra details and a touch of humor. Includes demonstrations of many of the experiments. Don't miss them!


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"As a teacher working with homeschool moms, I love that BioBox Labs are an easy excellent way to teach quality science at home"

— Sandy, Teacher of Record, Excel Academy

“The BioBox Labs were extremely effective - an educators' dream. The hands-on experiments moved the students from hearing about science to actually being scientists themselves. As a result, the students have an insatiable appetite for learning more science.”

-Rick, Educator, A prep school in Pasadena, Ca

Approved Vendor for Charter Schools

Excel Academy

Sage Oak

Compass Charter School

Our Founder

When I was a kid I loved anything having to do with science.  My dad worked for a branch of NASA and introduced me to the study of space and many other engineering topics.  While I loved those areas, I was particularly drawn to exploring things in the living world. A great thrill was receiving my own subscription to Ranger Rick magazine and the local Zoo News. I loved reading every page – but more than anything I wanted to DO science, to be a scientist.
For the past 30 years I have taught Biology at the University level and have had the opportunity to be part of the moments that capture a student’s love of science.  BioBox Labs is the opportunity to do this on a grander scale – to pass on my love of Biology to the younger generation. 
Over my years in the lab, as well as with our own 3 daughters, I have observed that kids with early exposure to engaging and authentic experiments become inspired and successful students.  My hope is that the activities, tools, and information found in these boxes will demystify and unlock the excitement of science and propel kids to a thriving future.

Lisa Sommers | Founder | BioBox Labs

Repeatable experiment is at the heart of science. It validates or invalidates scientific theories. When I was young, I had to create my own experiments. I made a mess – both literally and scientifically. Imagine if I could have gotten a box of experiments monthly, with real scientific apparatus, well organized, easy to understand, supported by video instructions and scientifically accurate. You can! It’s called BioBox Labs.
— William - Ph.D. - Engineering, Computer Science, Math