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2024 Science Subscription Boxes

New Bioboxers Start with The Microscope Box

Your students’ first BioBox is not just a starter kit, it is an introduction to the biological world. After learning how to use their very own microscope, they’ll understand its importance as they discover cells, the building blocks of life. Using their new microscope skills, students will compare and contrast cells between different organisms, and they’ll even get an up-close look at cells from their own bodies. By the end, they’ll see just how amazing biology can be—it will prepare them for all the journeys our BioBoxes have to offer.

Microscope Box

The Microscopic World

Get your own microscope and learn to use it

  • What is a microscope, and how does it help biologists?
  • How do you use a microscope?
  • What are cells, and what do they look like?
  • Are all cells the same?

January Box

Bony Fish

Dissect a perch and make a floating fish

  • How are the structures of bony fish beneficial to life in the water?
  • How do scales benefit fish? 
  • How does the swim bladder affect a bony fish’s buoyancy?

February Box

Enzymes To The Rescue

See enzymes in action

  • Can the same enzyme assist in different reactions?
  • Do enzymes work better in numbers?
  • What effect does an enzyme’s surroundings have on its function?
  • How do enzymes help us digest food?

March Box

Icky Investigations

Discover the truth about mucus and bad breath

  • Why do we need mucus
  • Why do we have bad breath?
  • What causes tooth decay? 

April Box

Plant Antics

Discover how plants have funny behaviors, too

  • What’s packed inside a seed?
  • How do plants respond to gravity?
  • How does light affect plant behavior?
  • Can we control the movement of plants?
  • What do plants do with light?

May Box

Butterflies and Pollination, Exploring a Biological Friendship

Grow live butterflies from caterpillars

  • How does a caterpillar become a butterfly?
  • Where is pollen found in a flower?
  • What do pollen grains look like?
  • How are butterflies involved in pollination?

June Box

The Heart, And the Beat Goes On

Dissecting a sheep heart

  • What are the structures of the heart that allow it to pump?
  • What makes cardiac muscle so special?
  • What’s going on behind the sound of a heartbeat?
  • How does the heart respond to different levels of activity?

July Box

The Wonder of Birds

Learning the birds in your neighborhood and dissecting an owl pellet

  • How can we attract birds for observation?
  • What is nature journaling, and why is it important?
  • Why do birds have different types of feathers?
  • How do owls consume their prey?

August Box

Oxygen Delivery, A Journey Through Lungs and Blood

Why do we need oxygen, and blood typing experiments

  • Why do we need oxygen?
  • How do the lungs collect oxygen?
  • How does exercise affect breathing?
  • Why is blood important for your body’s oxygen needs?

September Box

Ecosystems: The Cycle of Biology

Build and use a Berlese Funnel

  • How can you determine the contents of an ecosystem?
  • What tools can help you discover hidden organisms?
  • Why are decomposers important?
  • Can you create a mini ecosystem?

October Box

The Invertebrate Tour

Dissect a sponge, earthworm, and clam

  • How does the sponge collect food?
  • Why does a hydra have tentacles?
  • What structures are present in a clam?
  • How are a flatworm and an earthworm different?

November Box

DNA: The Blueprints of Life

Collect your own DNA and become a genetics detective

  • What does DNA look like, and how is it collected?
  • How does DNA create different blueprints for different organisms?
  • Where does your DNA come from?
  • How can detectives use DNA to solve mysteries?

December Box


Coming Soon

Forrest Survey (New this year!)

Examine predator and prey interactions

July – December

Coming Soon

Microscope Box

The Microscopic World

Get your own microscope and learn to use it

  • What is a microscope, and how does it help biologists?
  • How do you use a microscope?
  • What are cells, and what do they look like?
  • Are all cells the same?

September Box

Cells, the Building Blocks of Life

Discover the difference between plant and animal cells.

  • What is a cell and what structures are the most common?
  • What are the differences between plant and animal cells?
  • What is diffusion, and how is the plasma membrane involved?
  • How does the environment of a cell result in osmosis?

October Box

The Nervous System

Dissect a sheep brain and test your reflexes

  • What are the structures of the brain?
  • How do grey matter and white matter differ?
  • What functions can the spinal cord perform?
  • How do reflexes work?

November Box

Special Senses, Our Superpowers

7 experiments all on your own body!

  • How does the ear affect balance?
  • Does touch sensitivity differ across the body?
  • How does skin regulate body temperature?
  • Are taste and smell interconnected?

December Box

Fascinating Fungi

Grow live mushrooms and then cook them for dinner

  • What is pinning?
  • What are the structures of a mushroom?
  • How can a fungus grow most effectively?
  • How does a Rhizopus look under a microscope?