Science Boxes

2023 Science Subscription Boxes

New Bioboxers Start with The Microscope Box

Your students’ first BioBox is not just a starter kit, it is an introduction to the biological world. After learning how to use their very own microscope, they’ll understand its importance as they discover cells, the building blocks of life. Using their new microscope skills, students will compare and contrast cells between different organisms, and they’ll even get an up-close look at cells from their own bodies. By the end, they’ll see just how amazing biology can be—it will prepare them for all the journeys our BioBoxes have to offer.

Microscope Box

The Microscopic World

Get your own microscope and learn to use it

  • What is a microscope, and how does it help biologists?
  • How do you use a microscope?
  • What are cells, and what do they look like?
  • Are all cells the same?

September Box

Cells, the Building Blocks of Life

Discover the difference between plant and animal cells.

  • What is a cell and what structures are the most common?
  • What are the differences between plant and animal cells?
  • What is diffusion, and how is the plasma membrane involved?
  • How does the environment of a cell result in osmosis?

October Box

The Nervous System

Dissect a sheep brain and test your reflexes

  • What are the structures of the brain?
  • How do grey matter and white matter differ?
  • What functions can the spinal cord perform?
  • How do reflexes work?

November Box

Special Senses, Our Superpowers

7 experiments all on your own body!

  • How does the ear affect balance?
  • Does touch sensitivity differ across the body?
  • How does skin regulate body temperature?
  • Are taste and smell interconnected?

December Box

Fascinating Fungi

Grow live mushrooms and then cook them for dinner

  • What is pinning?
  • What are the structures of a mushroom?
  • How can a fungus grow most effectively?
  • How does a Rhizopus look under a microscope?