The Eye, Our Super Hero

This BioBox unlocks the mystery of the eye and how it is truly a super hero. Our eyes allow us to discover the world around us, to recognize those we love, to read and gather information, to be entertained, and even to navigate getting from one place to another. So, this is why we have focused an entire month of experiments on the eye – there is just so much to discover.

Here is a link to this month’s video that gives clarity and extra experimental details particularly focusing on the sheep eye– all with a bit of humor.

Details of the Box:

Experiment 1: Sheep Eye

If you want to learn how something works, it is best to first take a close look at all of the parts. This BioBox allows you to really “see how we see” by first looking at the parts of the eye. While pictures and models give some information, there is no substitute for examining a real eye. This is why we have included a preserved sheep eye to examine and dissect. Now we know some of you are saying “no way – not me”, but this is consistently the highlight of the box, even for those initially apprehensive!

We encourage adult supervision for this experiment. This ensures safety and enables your child to gain the most from the experience. It will give you so much to talk about! Ask questions that encourage curiosity – how is the sheep eye similar to your own eye? Why is the iris colorful? Why is there a gap in the middle that we call the pupil? Some of these questions will be answered in the lab notebook, while others may lead you on a hunt to do your own research.

Experiments 2-5: visual tests, optical illusions, and comparison to other organisms.

After you have taken a close look at the eye, you will do some experiments to see what each part does to help you see.

These are really fun and are great for a group. They can be passed around to see how everyone responds. These experiments also allow your child to collect data – an important part of being a scientist! The more data, the better the results.

Let the epic experiments begin!

What an adventure – we are so glad you have joined us! Please let us know about your experiments – send pictures, give tips for other BioBoxers, share favorite results. #bioboxlabs

Let the adventures begin!

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