Arthropods – The Biology of Creepy Crawlers

What are the first words that come to mind when you see a bug – yikes, gross, wow, watch out, amazing, beautiful, adorable? Each of us encounters many of these organisms every day, often without even realizing it! The focus of this BioBox will be on Arthropods – the group containing most of the organisms we often call “bugs”. We have partnered with InsectLore to provide you with your own live ladybugs!

The Highlight of this box is growing your own ladybugs – watching them change through their amazing lifecycle.
Colorful Cicads

1.     How can you identify an arthropod?

2.     What’s the lifecycle of a ladybug?

3.     What arthropods live in your neighborhood?

4.     Why do spiders make their webs?

It is best to begin with Experiment 1 and then the others can be completed in any order.

A friendly stick bug

Tips and Tricks for this BioBox

  1. Experiment 1: You will get to learn how to identify various arthropods by using a tool called a Dichotomous Key. Once you learn how to identify the included arthropod photos, try identifying arthropods you collect around your home!
  2. Experiment 2: We will be sending a voucher for you to redeem once you are ready to receive your live ladybugs. Once your ladybugs arrive, they may not move around much the first few days. Give them time to adjust to their new home.
  3. Experiment 3: Your ladybug land will also be used to house your arthropod collection. It might be better to do this activity before or after the ladybugs live in the land. Some bugs are know to eat ladybugs so its better not to have both share the same home.
  4. Experiment 4: Why spider webs? Use both curiosity and caution when hunting for spider webs – there is much to discover but caution around spiders is wise. Wear the gloves as a precaution.

Let the Epic Experiments begin! 

What an adventure – we are so glad you have joined us! Please let us know about your experiments: send pictures, give tips for other BioBoxers, share favorite results. Find us on Facebook and Instagram. #bioboxlabs

Let the adventures begin!

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