Fascinating Fungi

Sometimes it’s on your dinner plate, other times it’s in your garden. It can even get on your feet! What is it? Fungus! Fungi are organisms that are neither plant nor animal—they’re a category all their own. They come in a variety of species, each with a unique contribution to nature.

In this BioBox, you’ll be exploring mycology, or the study of fungi. You’ll learn how some fungi grow, what separates them from other organisms, and how you can best interact with the ones in your everyday life.

The highlight of this BioBox is growing and dissecting your own mushrooms. You can then cook them up for dinner!

Questions You’ll Explore in This BioBox:

1. How can you grow mushrooms?

2. What are the mushroom’s main structures?

3. What does a fungus need to grow effectively?

4. How does Rhizopus look under a microscope?

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