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How to use a Science Subscription Box with your Homeschool Student

Why choose a subscription box?

First, let’s explore why science subscription boxes are so amazing! One of the reasons subscriptions are incredibly popular is that there is something quite exciting about having a new package arrive each month. Science can sometimes be intimidating and having small packages delivered monthly will keep it exciting and fresh. It is also less overwhelming than having one large box of supplies delivered at the beginning of the school year, knowing the sorting and planning is in your court. Kids love packages delivered to them. It’s like getting a present every month! With subscription kits there is less planning for you – simply make note of the upcoming schedule of themes. The experiments are planned and the supplies are included – leaving you time to focus on what you love.

Now it’s time to choose the right science subscription box for you.

Things to consider when choosing a science subscription box for your homeschool student:

  • Are you open to any type of science or would you prefer chemistry, engineering, or life science?
  • Would you like a single experiment in each box or multiple experiments to use for your science study all month?
  • Who is creating the subscription? Do they have a background in science or are they primarily a toy distributor?
  • Are the supplies authentic science tools?

Once you have chosen your science subscription box, how do you best use it?

As a busy homeschool parent, you will be pleased to know that the preparation is easy! Most subscription boxes will share the upcoming box themes so that you can simply write the themes into your planner (for those of you super organizers!) This allows you to keep your ears open for related books, videos, or even field trips that could be a great supplement.

In addition, creating a small science bin to keep all your experiment supplies in one place will be helpful since many come with tools that can be used for multiple boxes.

When your box arrives, let your child open it the minute it is delivered! Isn’t opening the box half the fun? Be sure to keep an eye out so that none of the supplies are lost in the process. Scan the notebook/directions to see what’s included. Are there completion times listed for each experiment? Do any of the supplies require special attention (perhaps refrigeration)? You can then plan when you would like to complete each experiment. Adding a fun experiment to the calendar can build anticipation for your child!

On the day of the experiment, scan through all of the details – the Introduction, Materials, Procedure, Results, and Conclusion sections if included (core parts of the Scientific Method). Is your child able to complete it on their own? Is a partner needed? Is this an inside or outside experiment? Reading through the experiment before diving in will make a big difference in the results. You don’t want to miss any steps! Encourage your student to ponder the results and conclusion. Ask them questions like “What other examples can you think of that relate to this experiment?”

After your experiments, encourage your child to tell someone about what they did and what they learned. Reflecting on their experience and recalling the details can be such a great learning tool – both for the child and for the friend who is hearing about it. Encourage your child to dig a bit deeper into one of the experiments that captured their attention (isn’t this the beauty of homeschooling?). Maybe plan a field trip that deepens their understanding – like a trip to an aquarium to learn more about marine organisms.

There are so many positive opportunities waiting for you and your family packed inside science subscription boxes. With a new theme every month, your family will be introduced to a broad range of topics and skills that will inspire them to want to learn more.

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