Marine Madness

There are so many crazy and interesting organisms that live in the sea!  Over 70% of the earth is covered in water – yet we seem to know more about some of the far reaches of outer space than we have discovered about the ocean’s depths! This BioBox examines some of the living mysteries of the ocean.  

First BioBoxers will begin at the bottom of the food chain by looking at one of the organisms that makes up plankton.  They will then get the chance to hatch and grow their own sea creatures known as triops. Finally, they will take a close look at 2 larger sea creatures – sea stars and squid!  

There are 4 experiments in this box which have been designed to be explored over a number of days or combined for a month of fun!   Each is marked with the approximate time to complete.   The triops will hatch and grow for 30-90 days – so be sure to be around for a few weeks once you begin this experiment to be able to care for them as they grow.

Check out this video!

Find great tips and tricks about the sea star and squid experiments.  It also has some AMAZING live footage of an octopus, sea stars, and other creatures! 

Triops grow quickly and resemble horseshoe crabs

 Squid dissection

 In this experiment BioBoxers will get to examine both the external and internal structures of a squid.  While you may think this is kind of gross – dissecting the squid reveals some of its most fascinating and unique features!  They even have their own ink sacs and a pen! 

Let the epic experiments begin!

 What an adventure – we are so glad you have joined us! Please let us know about your experiments; send pictures, give tips for other BioBoxers, share your favorite results to or #bioboxlabs

Let the adventures begin!

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