Plants and Water: A Careful Balance

As all organisms do, plants rely on water to survive in their environment. Critically, they need water to produce energy in a process called photosynthesis, but what else does water do for a plant? We know they absorb water through roots, but how does it get to the leaves? Can a plant have too much water? Is all water the same to a plant? If you’re ready to find answers to these questions, this BioBox is for you!

The highlight of this BioBox is growing your own plants! You will get to study how seeds and grown plants are impacted by the presence, the amount, and the quality of water. You’ll even get to see how water travels through plants.

Questions You’ll Explore in This BioBox:

1. How does water impact the growth of seeds?
2. What do plants use to circulate water?
3. What is transpiration?
4. Can water contamination affect plant growth?

Let the Epic Experiments begin! 

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Let the adventures begin!

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