The Nervous System

Imagine slipping on a banana peel—instinctively, your arms reach out to protect you. Or maybe you’ve been in a car when the driver sees something unexpected. Quickly, your driver steps on the breaks and swerves into safety. How do our bodies do this? Primarily, it’s due to the nervous system. It’s your nervous system that’s responsible for receiving information from your surroundings and helping you respond to it. In this BioBox, you’ll put your nervous system to the test. After exploring the different parts of the brain and spinal cord, you’ll see just how they work, using yourself as a test subject. The highlight of these experiments is dissecting your own preserved sheep brain! Be sure to check out the video below.

Questions You’ll Explore in This BioBox:

1. What are the structures of the brain?
2. What’s the difference between white and grey matter?

3. What functions can the spinal cord perform?
4. How do reflexes work?

Let the Epic Experiments begin! 

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