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Tips and Tricks for BioBoxers

Here are a few tips and tricks to help with your exploration through BioBox Labs over the next year.

BioBox Labs are fun, interactive life science activities that are engaging for the entire family. While geared toward 8-13-year olds, the more I talk with people about the specific experiments within the boxes, the more I have found that they are a hit with every age! And why not? Every one of us is a living, walking piece of science – so why not discover more about ourselves and more about the living world around us.

Tip 1: Safety is important. 

Thought has been given to keep the age and safety of all users of these boxes in mind.

Trick: Wash your hands before and after every experiment to avoid any unwanted germs.

Trick: Most labs are appropriate for all age levels. There are some experiments where adult oversite is advised. These will be clearly noted in the lab notebook. We have also found that more is learned when adults are engaged with their children.

Tip 2: Sequence of Activities is flexible. 

Each box has 3-5 activities that can be completed all at one time or on separate days.

Trick: Each box comes with a suggested sequence of activities and the time each takes to complete. Glance through to see what works best for your child. Younger children will grasp more if the activities are spread out over more days.

Tip 3: Watch the videos. 

Each box comes with a link to a corresponding video that adds details and suggestions for the experiments in the box. They are fun and informative.

Trick: The first video “The microscopic World” demonstrates how to use the microscope. Don’t miss it – this instrument will be used with almost every box!

Tip 4: Take good care of your supplies.

Attention has been given to providing lab supplies that are authentic, high quality, and easy to use. You will be gaining a collection that will be used multiple times with various boxes, so keep your supplies handy for future boxes.

Trick: Be sure to wipe off supplies before storing them for future use and store in a safe place – to prevent breakage or little sibling curiosities.

Trick: While the boxes are durable and reusable, it may be helpful to find a bin to hold all of your supplies.

Let us know if you have questions, suggestions, or more tips! We are so excited you have joined us on this scientific adventure!

Sicence Boxes

Your students’ first BioBox is not just a starter kit, it is an introduction to the biological world.

Microscope Box

The Microscopic World

Get your own microscope and learn to use it

  • What is a microscope, and how does it help biologists?
  • How do you use a microscope?
  • What are cells, and what do they look like?
  • Are all cells the same?

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