Photosynthesis: Nature’s Key To Energy

We all know that plants grow best in sunlight, but have you ever wondered how they capture this light and turn it into energy? Every ecosystem relies on “producers” for energy—they support the entire food chain. Of all the world’s producers, the most famous are plants. Indeed, despite their different shapes, sizes, and colors, all plants produce nutrients for themselves and their environment, and they do so by utilizing energy from sunlight in a process called photosynthesis. This BioBox allows student to explore this amazing process through experiments that utilize their very own live plant packed inside the box! Be sure to watch the video below Photosynthesis and Oxygen Production.

Questions You’ll Explore in This BioBox:

1.     Is all sunlight involved in photosynthesis?

2.     Can you identify chloroplasts?

3.     How is starch involved in photosynthesis?

4.     Can you prove that oxygen is a product of photosynthesis?

Take a look at this video with details about one of the experiments, Photosynthesis and Oxygen Production.


DiscoverBioBoxers will get to discover where starch is stored and hidden inside leaves!

Let the Epic Experiments begin! 

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Let the adventures begin!

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