Fascinating Fungi

Red mushroom

Want to learn more about the fascinating world of fungus? You get to grow and dissect your own mushrooms and even intentionally grow mold on bread!

The Senses – Our Superpowers

senses cover

Did you know that your body is equipped with superpowers? These superpowers are seen in your ability to hear, touch, taste and smell!

The Nervous System


In this BioBox, you’ll put your nervous system to the test. After exploring the different parts of the brain and spinal cord, you’ll see just how they work, using yourself as a test subject! The highlight of this box is dissecting your very own preserved sheep brain!

Marine Madness

Star fishes

Have you ever wondered what mysterious creatures live in the sea? Check out Diatoms, Triops, Sea Stars, and Squid!

Germs Germs Everywhere!

Germs Everywhere

Which do you think has the most germs – a dog bowl, your fingers, or your kitchen sponge?

Fantastic Fermentation

bread loaf

What is it that causes bread to rise? Did you know that it is an organism undergoing the process of fermentation! Join us as we explore this amazing process that provides energy for many organisms, including you and me.